essential information

When you register on our website, we receive some information from you. This information is only for use on the website and is not used for any other activity.

Save info

The information contained in citytomb stored information that are provided by your own. The website account, you can view the information provided to us. We also give you access to your system to protect copyright and prevent unauthorized access to the system we maintain.

Data Retention

citytomb in any way and under any circumstances do not provide your email to people and other series. We emergencies, such as changing passwords, or with the essential news may be OK to email you, but you do not send unsolicited advertisements and unnecessary. Site citytomb in any way and under any circumstances, directly to email you do not, and under no circumstances will not be asking you. If you receive an email with such themes ignore it.


Cookies are files that are most basic to validate and preserving your access to citytomb created. We will set a cookie on your computer for emergencies, but no personal or private information collected by cookies you will not unnecessary. Some useful features that website by websites outside the control of citytomb (such as Facebook, Twitter or other social networks) are provided for its operation on your computer to make cookies, these cookies are available citytomb.


One of the goals is very important to maintain security citytomb. We're always working on software security solutions as well as the servers used our self-managing. But security is not guaranteed any time, trying our best to create a safe environment for users and also the lack of restrictions on the services provided.

Family content

To use citytomb You must be 18 years of age, and if you are under 18 years should be allowed to use the system you have gained from your parents . We do not collect information about children.

Change the privacy

Privacy conditions may change at any time, according to legal and environmental conditions. So the user has the duty to respect the laws of this page. Last edited by changing the rules but the rules will be inserted in the bottom of the page. But they assume responsibility for non-compliance after the change of user.


If you have decided that the services of citytomb use, means that this text have read and accepted it, and the limitations and Results in the framework of the Islamic Republic of Iran have accepted it.