Sections of tomb page

The page of every tomb is made up of parts, which we describe here:

Uploading an image for tomb page:

On the tomb page you have registered, you can upload both profile and background images if you wish so. It should be noted that Cititomb upload system has the ability to crop images and you can edit any image you want, as needed as make it the size you wish.

Tomb page:

In this section, you can create a post and publish on your tomb page. This post can be specified as handwritten text in the specified box. In addition, you can use the red button in this section to publish a favorite medium, such as images, videos, audios, pdf, and so on along with your desired post. Finally, by pressing send post button, you can post your desired post to the tomb page.

Posts Gallery:

This section is allocated to storing the media you have posted that can access or delete at any time.

Memorial notebook:

In this section, each person can record a text as a memorial for the page of the tomb in question, the conditions of whose insertion are included in this section.


In this section, you can see the list of people who follow the current tomb page.

Special message:

This is the place to display special messages different people can send on the main tomb page. Sending the special message is currently free.

Following the tomb

By clicking this button, you can follow the page of the current tomb to get information about the latest activities on the tomb page. It should be noted that by pressing this button again you could resign following the updates of this tomb page.

Editing information:

You can use this option to edit or update your tomb information.

ask and answer

Is it possible to register tomb page for other people?

Yes, it is.