Signing up at Citytomb

Registration steps

In this section, we explain the registration process at Citytomb:

Username or ID (optional):

In this field, you must enter a unique user name for yourself in Latin letters or numbers from 0 to 9, or a combination of the two. The minimum number required for a username is 6. Note that this ID can change.

After entering your email and confirming it, you reach the password field, which should have at least 8 characters.

Terms of Use:

It is recommended that you read the text before confirming this option to make it easier for you to use the Citytomb facilities.

After clicking the register in Citytomb button on the site, a message will be displayed indicating the activation link sent, so that you refer to your email and click on this link to continue your registration process. In this section, fill out the general profile form, which consists of some sections.

First name and last name:

In these two fields, you should enter your first and last name. Be sure to enter your full name and surname in your birth certificate.

After filling the gender and the contact number, you get to the birthday field that you should fill this date according to the calendar.

Website address:

This section is optional and if you have a website, you can enter its address in this section.

Place of residence:

In this section, you must specify the location of your life on Specific Location on Google Maps using the exact location of Google Map, so that the city and country fields are automatically filled in according to the location you have specified.

About Me:

In this section, you can make a statement about yourself.

After you click update information button, in case of no errors in the form, your information will enter into the site's database, and after that, you can go to the profile homepage by clicking the return to the profile button.

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