Profile page

The user profile page is comprised of some sections. Here, we explain some of them:

Uploading image for profile:

On your profile page, you can upload both profile and cover photos, if desired, by the red button marked with the mouse cursor over the location of the photos. It should be noted that Cititomb upload system has the ability to crop images and you can edit any image you want, as needed as make it the size you wish.

My blog:

In this section, you can create a post and publish it on your profile page. This post can be specified as handwritten text in the specified box. In addition, you can use the red button in this section to publish a favorite medium, such as images, videos, audios, pdf, and so on along with your desired post. You can also specify which persons to see this post sent by you. Finally, by pressing send post button, you can post your desired post to the tomb page.

About Me:

This section contains information about you that you can edit or update if necessary by using the edit profile option.

My gallery:

In this section, you can create an album of the desired number, specify with names, and save your photos or photos in each of them.

My friends:

Your friends list is here.

Message List:

By going to this section, you can see any of your friends that you want to send messages to and see the latest messages exchanged between yourself and your friends.

Edit profile:

This section is also for editing and updating your personal profile information.

Registered and followed tombs:

On the two sides of your profile page, there are two places indicating what tombs you have registered so far and the ones you have followed. On this page, by clicking on the tomb pages, you can go to that tomb page.

ask and answer

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