Form of celebrities' biography

•       Name and surname*

•       Farsi*

•       English*

•       Nationality

•      Date of birth

•      Date of death

•      Place of birth

•      Place of death

•      Place of burial

• Birthplace for Google Maps: find the location of the birthplace of your favorite celebrities at and send us the link to the page address.

• Death or burial place for Google Map: Preferably place of burial

• Key words (hashtag): Occupation of the person (are the green plates on the site)

• Short explanation (number of letters, 150 to 200 characters):

• Born on day, month, year, city of birth place, occupation, and so on…..In this section, enter the date in alphabetical order.

•       For example:

• Born on April 28, 1979, Tehran, actor, the winner of the Best Actor Award from the Ladakh International Film Festival for the film Assassin in 2012.

Filling starred parts is required.

Date of birth, place of birth, significant events while being born:







Fame, nickname and teknonym:

Personal Information:

Personal interests:


Studies and academic degrees:

Responsibilities and positions:



Date of death, place of death, death, burial place:

Quotes and memories:

Before sending a biography, please:

Read a number of biographies because in addition to the main titles outlined above, there are a number of subtitles specified tailored to the text and are specific to your favorite celebrities.

If you do not have any of the above information, put a dash in front of it.

About uploading images:

Images should be of high quality as much as possible and upload it as a zip file and sent to the email address of biography [a] Just keep in mind that you also send us the name of the other people who are interested in the photos of the celebrities.

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I have submitted the form, but it is not registered, why?

The submission of a celebrity form does not necessarily mean its registration and depends on Citytomb management's approval.