Ricky Martín

Ricky Martín

date of birth : 24/12/1971 | date of death :
Born on December 24, 1971, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, author ,In late 1999, after releasing several albums in Spanish, Martin performed "The Cup of Life" at the 41st Grammy Awards show, which became a catalyst in bringing Latin pop to the forefront of the United States music scene.

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Martin was born on December 24, 1971, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Father's name: Enrique Martin III
Mother's name: Nereida Morales
Brother: -
Sister: -
Spouse: -
Children: Matteo ,Valentino

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Race or Ethnicity: Hispanic
Sexual orientation: Gay
Official Website: http://www.rickymartin.com/

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Born Enrique Jose Martin Morales IV, he began appearing in commercials on local television around the age of six. He auditioned three times for the teen singing group Menudo before finally earning a spot in 1984. In his five years with Menudo, Martin toured around the world, singing in several languages. He reached the group's age limit of 18 in 1989, and returned to Puerto Rico just long enough to finish high school before moving to New York to pursue a solo acting and singing career. His debut solo album, Ricky Martin, was released in 1988 by the Sony Latin division, followed by a second effort, Me Amaras, in 1989.

Acting Debut

Martin traveled to Mexico to appear in a stage musical; the gig led to a role as a singer on the 1992 Spanish-language telenovela, Alcanzaruna Estrella, or To Reach a Star. The show proved so popular that he reprised the role in a movie version of the serial. In 1993, Martin moved to Los Angeles, where he made his American TV debut in the NBC sitcom Getting By. In 1995 he acted on ABC's daytime soap opera, General Hospital and in 1996 he starred in the Broadway production of Les Miserables. While Martin was actively pursuing his acting career, he was also recording and releasing albums and making concert appearances. He had become well-known in his native Puerto Rico and among the Latin/Hispanic community as a whole. His third album, A Medio Vivir, came out in 1997, the same year that he lent his voice to the Spanish-language version of Disney's animated feature, Hercules. His fourth album, Vuelve, released in 1998, featured the hit single, "La Copa de la Vida" ("The Cup of Life"), which Martin performed at the 1998 World Cup soccer tournament in France, as part of a showcase broadcast to 2 billion people around the world.

Growing Fame

At the Grammy Awards in February 1999, Martin, already a global pop sensation, gave a sizzling performance of "La Copa de la Vida" at Los Angeles's Shrine Auditorium just before picking up an award for Best Latin Pop Performance for Vuelve. He followed that star-making Grammy night with the release of his phenomenally successful first English single, "Livin' La Vida Loca." His album Ricky Martin debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart. Martin was also featured on the cover of Time magazine and credited with helping to bring a growing Latin cultural influence into the mainstream of American pop music.To add to the phenomenal popular success of his debut English album and single, Martin was nominated in four categories at the Grammy Awards, held in February 2000. Although he lost in all four categories—to veteran male pop artist Sting (Best Pop Album, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance) and Santana, the band led by resurgent guitarist Carlos Santana (Song of the Year, Record of the Year)—Martin delivered another red-hot live performance, a year after his triumphant Grammy debut. In November 2000, Martin released Sound Loaded, the much-anticipated follow-up album to Ricky Martin. Its hit single, "She Bangs," earned Martin yet another Grammy nomination, for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. After Sound Loaded, Martin continued making music, both in Spanish and English. His greatest Spanish-language hits were compiled on La Historia (2001). This was followed two years later by Almas del Silencio, which contained new material sung in Spanish. The album Life (2005) was his first English-language album since 2000. The album did reasonably well, reaching the top 10 of Billboard's album charts. Martin, however, has yet to be able to recapture the same level of pop success he achieved with previous albums.

Recent Projects

Ricky Martin published his autobiography Me in 2010, which quickly turned into a best-seller. Around this time, he also teamed with Joss Stone for the duet single, "The Best Thing About Me Is You," which proved to be a minor hit. Martin soon released a new album of songs mostly in Spanish, Música + Alma + Sexo, which climbed almost to the top of the pop charts and became his latest No. 1 recording on the Latin charts. In 2012, Martin made a guest appearance on the high school musical series Glee. He also returned to Broadway that April for a revival of the hit musical Evita by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber. He plays the role of Ché, who helps narrate the story of Eva Peron, one of Argentina's most legendary figures and wife to leader Juan Peron.

Personal Life

Martin is the father to two twin boys, Matteo and Valentino, born in 2008 to a surrogate. Once evasive about his private life, Ricky Martin came out in 2010 on his website. He wrote, "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am." Martin explained that his decision to go public with his sexuality was inspired in part by his sons. He is currently dating Carlos GonzélezAbella. An activist for many causes, he founded the Ricky Martin Foundation in 2000 as a child advocacy organization. The group runs the People for Children project, which fights child exploitation. In 2006, Martin spoke in support of a United Nations effort to improve the rights of children worldwide in front of the U.S. House International Relations Committee. Martin, through his foundation, also supports efforts by other charitable organizations. For his philanthropic work, Martin has received numerous awards, including the 2005 International Humanitarian Award from the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Occupation and Career:

Ricky Martin is a Singer, songwriter, musician, actor and author. Displaying talent, charimsa and a love of performance at an early age, Martin sang in the school choir and acted in school plays. His parents enrolled him in voice lessons and encouraged him to audition for television commercials, for which he seemed a natural fit. Menudo was a Puerto Rican 'boy band', formed in 1977. They became enormously popular via regular appearances on Telemundo. Martin, like many other talented children in Puerto Rico, was a fan and determined to become one of the group. His father took him to audition when he was 10, but the group thought he was too young and too small to be a member, and he was rejected. Two years later, he tried again and, this time, got in. He was still the smallest of the group (Martin now stands at 6'2"), but his talent and personality immediately made him one of the most popular band members. He stayed with Menudo for five years, acting as lead singer during the years that Menudo became an international sensation. Leaving the band, he went back to Puerto Rico and finished high school. Martin then moved to New York, exploring the music scene there but with little progress. During a trip to Mexico City, he was offered a part in a musical "Mama Ama el Rock", followed by a stint in the soap opera "Alcanzar Una Estrella II". He then acted in the film based on the soap, for which he won a "Heraldo", the Mexican equivalent of an Academy Award. In 1991, at the age of 21, Martin released his self-titled debut album. It sold 500,000 copies world-wide, making it one of the most successful debut album by a Latin artist. He followed that up with Me Amaras, which earned him the "Best New Latin Artist" at the 1993 Billboard Video Awards. Martin's first English-language pop album - also title Ricky Martin, was released in 1999 and turned him into an international superstar. The album's hit track "Livin' La Vida Loca" became the single with the highest sales figures in Columbia Records' history.His next album was Sound Loaded, followed by Almas Del Silencio, Life and currently MTV Unplugged. With all that fame (and subsequent wealth), did Martin lay back on his laurels and 'let the good times roll'? Surprisingly, no. There are a lot of superstars who talk about giving back to the world, but Martin has made good his promise. As a UNICEF ambassador, he founded the Ricky Martin Foundation in 2002 and started "People for Children", energetically attacking sexual exploitation and trafficking of children worldwide.In 2004, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at Premios Los Nuestro; in 2005, the U.S. State Department named him one of its "Heroes in Ending Modern-Day Slavery" and in 2006 the Latin Recording Academy honored him with the "Person of the Year" award. Listening to Martin speak, he still seems somewhat low-key except when talking about his foundation and child trafficking. His acceptance speech at the 2006 Latin Grammy Awards was reminiscent of The Terminator when he dropped the shy manner, looked straight into the camera and said (to those that exploit children), "We are at war with you". And

Awards /Honors:

  • Martin was chosen along with Félix Trinidad in 1999, to lead Puerto Rico's worldwide tourism campaign, both exemplifying Puerto Rico's youthfulness, enthusiasm and indefatigable character.
  • In February 2004, Martin received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Lo Nuestro Awards in Miami.
  • Martin was honored as the 2006 Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year by the Latin Recording Academy on November 1, 2006. He was chosen for his accomplishments as a world renowned entertainer, consummate performer and passionate humanitarian. A portion of the proceeds from the evening's tribute dinner was used for benefitting Ricky Martin's charitable efforts.
  • On October 16, 2007, Martin received the 2351st Hollywood Walk of Fame star, shortly after receiving the key to the city of Miami Beach, Florida on October 11. The star is located beside the Hollywood and Highland complex. Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Rita Moreno were invited to the unveiling ceremony.
  • In 2008, Puerto Rico declared August 31 to be International Ricky Martin Day.
  • In 2011, Martin was awarded Spanish citizenship to honor his contributions to the arts.
  • In addition to the numerous awards received throughout his musical career, Martin has also been honored with many accolades for his humanitarian efforts.
  • Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album1999for Vuelve
  • Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album1999for Vuelve
  • Latin Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Album2007for MTV Unplugged
  • Latin Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video2007for MTV Unplugged





  • 1985: The Love Boat (TV series) as Ricky
  • 1987: Porsiempre amigos (Argentina TV series) as Ricky
  • 1991: Alcanzarunaestrella II (TV series) as Pablo Loredo
  • 1992: Másquealcanzarunaestrella as Enrique
  • 1993: Getting By (TV series) as Martin
  • 1994: General Hospital (TV series) as Miguel Morez (1994–95)
  • 1996: Barefoot in Paradice (TV series) as Sandoval
  • 1997: Hercules (Spanish Language, Voice Only) as Hercules
  • 2000: MADtv (TV series) as himself
  • 2006: Sos mi vida (Argentina TV series) as the same
  • 2011: The Oprah Winfrey Show guest
  • 2011: Susana Giménez guest
  • 2011: American Dad! as himself (uncredited)
  • 2012: Glee (TV series) as David Martinez
  • 2013: The Voice Australia as Himself (Coach)
  • 2014: Dancing with the Stars (TV series) as Himself (Judge)
  • 2014: The Voice Australia as Himself (Coach)
  • 2014: La Voz... México as Himself (Coach)
  • 2014: The Voice Arabia as Himself (guest judge)
  • 2014: Hombre con tecno-corazón as (Spanish Language, Voice Only) as G.One


With Menudo

  • Evolución (1984)
  • Menudo (1985)
  • Ayer Y Hoy (1985)
  • A FestaVaiComeçar (Portuguese) (1985)
  • Viva! Bravo! (Italian) (1986)
  • Refrescante (1986)
  • Menudo (Portuguese) (1986)
  • Can't Get Enough (1986)
  • Somos Los Hijosdel Rock (1987)
  • In Action (English-Tagalog) (1987)
  • Sons of Rock (1988)
  • Sombras Y Figuras (1988)


  • Ricky Martin (1991)
  • Me Amarás (1993)
  • A MedioVivir (1995)
  • Vuelve (1998)
  • Ricky Martin (1999)
  • Sound Loaded (2000)
  • Almas del Silencio (2003)
  • Life (2005)
  • Música + Alma + Sexo (2011)

Quotes and Memoirs:

The homosexual community wants me to be gay. The heterosexual community wants me to be straight. Every [writer] thinks, "I'm the journalist who's going to make him talk". I pray for them. I pray that they get a life and stop living mine!
[asked if he has any aspirations for adopting his own children] I don't know when, but right now I am sponsoring three children in India and we have a very beautiful connection.
[on what he would teach his children] Self-respect and to fight for what you want. I love my dad because he allowed me to do what I wanted, even though he know I wouldn't succeed in some moments. With success or failure, people grows. I wouldn't limit the life of my child, because that way you learn the importance of being realistic.
[how he takes care of himself] I eat everything, that's a problem. I don't have discipline. My favorite dish is the Caribbean. Meat, rice, lots of grains. But I do like to do exercises. Lately, I've been having capoeira classes and lots of cardiovascular exercises, such as jogging and cycling.
Buddha's teaching are very simple, you don't have to break your head to understand the message. The part that I like the most from Buddha's teachings and from His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, is that the most powerful weapon is to not attack, to be able to have self-control.
I don't want to dream anymore, I want my life to be real!
[on Michael Jackson's death] I am very sad. No one will be able to replace him. But I know that the light that he emanated from the stage will live on with all of us who saw him for what he was and always will be - a great teacher, pure musical inspiration.
[3/29/l0, on his official website] Hoy ACEPTO MI HOMOSEXUALIDAD como un regaloque me da la vida. ¡Me sientobendecido de serquien soy! (I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.)