Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall

تاریخ تولد : 16/09/1924 | تاریخ وفات : -
Born on 16 September 1924,New York City, New York, United States, Actress,Model, Lauren Bacall first appeared on the silver screen when she was only nineteen, in 1944's To Have and Have Not, which starred Humphrey Bogart. The film launched Bacall toward her reputation as a leading lady in the film noir genre.

Birth, Birthplace, Time of birth:

Lauren Bacall was born with the birth name, Betty Joan Perske on September 16th, 1924 in New York City, New York, U.S.

Father's name: William Perske
Mother's name: Natalie Weinstein
Spouse: Jason Robards (m. 1961–1969), Humphrey Bogart (m. 1945–1957)
Children: Sam Robards, Stephen Humphrey Bogart, Leslie Howard Bogart

Reputation, fame, nickname:

Betty Joan Perske, The Look, Betty

Personal Information:

Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
Religion: Jewish

Life events:

Early Years

She was born Betty Joan Perske on September 16, 1924 in the Bronx borough of New York City to a middle-class family. Her father, William, was an alcoholic who left the family when Bacall was six; Bacall and her mother later changed their last name to her grandmother's maiden name, Bacal, and added the second "l." From an early age she was interested in theater and started working in high school as an usher. She performed in plays both on and off Broadway. However, it was her work as a model, and in particular her appearance on a Harper's Bazaar cover in 1943, that caught the eye of Nancy Hawks, Howard Hawks’s wife, who was a powerful Hollywood director. At Nancy's encouragement, Hawks gave Bacall a screen test. Hawks then brought her to Hollywood, taught her to speak in a lower register, and convinced her to take the first name Lauren to deemphasize her Jewish heritage. For that reason, Lauren Bacall has never been entirely comfortable with the name the world knows her by. Lauren Bacall first appeared on the silver screen when she was only nineteen, in 1944's To Have and Have Not, which starred Humphrey Bogart. The film launched Bacall toward her reputation as a leading lady in the film noir genre. Her poorly reviewed performance in the 1945 film Confidential Agent, set her back slightly, but more success was to come.

Personal Life

Bacall and Bogart, who was twenty-five years her senior, soon fell in love. Bogart was married at the time, and, within months, divorced his wife. Bacall and Bogart married on May 21st, 1945. During her marriage to Bogart, Lauren Bacall starred in only one film per year. The pair co-starred in three more films (The Big Sleep, Dark Passage, and Key Largo), and had two children together, Stephen and Leslie. In 1957, Bogart died of lung cancer. Bacall was devastated. After a brief and disastrous fling with Frank Sinatra, including a very brief engagement, Bacall went east to return to her very first love, the theatre. Before long, Bacall again placed her focus on her personal life. She married again in 1961, this time to Jason Robards, Jr. The couple soon had a son named Sam. During her second marriage, Bacall starred in relatively few films. Bacall and Robards were divorced in 1969.

Performing in a Broadway Musical

In 1969 Lauren Bacall was approached to play the lead role in a new Broadway musical, Applause, which was based on the 1952 film All About Eve. Despite not being a singer, Bacall accepted the role. She was a great success, and earned a Tony for Best Actress. She won her second Tony in 1981 for a semi-autobiographical role in the play Woman of the Year. By this time, Bacall had lived a full life, having been an insider to the world of Hollywood and earned considerable respect as an actress, on screen and on stage. Bacall wrote her first memoir, By Myself, in 1978, and published a second part, Now, in 1994. Both volumes openly discussed difficult parts of her life, including the alcoholism of both of her husbands, despite the fact that some of the topics were relatively controversial for the time.

Later Years

In her later years, Bacall severely curtailed her film appearances. She is publicly disdainful of modern Hollywood, though she has appeared with Nicole Kidman in two films, Dogville and Birth. Bacall also had a starring role in the 2007 film The Walker with Woody Harrelson and Kristin Scott Thomas and accepted an honorary Oscar in 2009. Still active and in relatively good health well into her eighties, Bacall is one of the last links left to the Golden Age of Hollywood, and time has not dulled either her tongue or her wits. Despite her down-to-earth view of her own life and fame, it is improbable she will be forgotten anytime soon. Bacall will most likely remain associated with her glamorous Hollywood roles long into the future. She died in 2014.


High School: Julia Richman High School, New York, NY (1942)
She attended lessons at the N.Y. School of Theater and the Dramatic Arts.

Occupation and Career:

Lauren Bacall is an American film and stage actress and model. She began her career as a model, gracing the cover of Harper's Bazaar at age 19, before moving on to acting. She landed a starring role in To Have and Have Not (1944) opposite Humphrey Bogart. They went on to make five films (and two children) together, including The Big Sleep (1946) and Key Largo (1948). Her movie career cooled somewhat in the '60s and '70s, and she turned to Broadway, winning Tony Awards for her roles in Applause (1970) and Woman of the Year (1981). She was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Barbra Streisand's mother in The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996), and most recently appeared with Nicole Kidman in two films: Dogville (2003) and Birth (2004).


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  • 1945 Confidential Agent
  • 1944 To Have And Have Not

Awards /Honors:

1970 Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical – Applause
1972 Sarah Siddons Award
1980 National Book Award in the one-year category Autobiography
1981 Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Musical – Woman of the Year
1984 Sarah Siddons Award
1990 George Eastman Award (given by George Eastman House)
1992 Premio Donostia [Honorary Award]
1993 Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award
1997 Berlin International Film Festival - Berlinale Camera
1997 Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role – The Mirror Has Two Faces
1997 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role – The Mirror Has Two Faces
1997 Kennedy Center Honors
"" 2000 Stockholm Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award
2007 Norwegian International Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award
2008 Bette Davis Medal of Honor (from the Bette Davis Foundation)
2009 Academy Honorary Award


  • By Myself (1978)
  • Now (1994)
  • By Myself and Then Some (2005)

Death, place of death, Time of death, place of burial:

Lauren Bacall died on August 12, 2014, at her longtime home in The Dakota, the Upper West Side apartment building overlooking Central Park in Manhattan after suffering a massive stroke. Her place of burial is unknown.

Quotes and Memoirs:

  • I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.
  • A man's illness is his private territory and, no matter how much he loves you and how close you are, you stay an outsider. You are healthy.
  • A woman isn't complete without a man. But where do you find a man - a real man - these days?
  • Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.
  • You can't start worrying about what's going to happen. You get spastic enough worrying about what's happening now.
  • Lauren Bacall
  • I figure if I have my health, can pay the rent and I have my friends, I call it 'content.'