John Ellis

John Ellis

date of birth : 11/02/1953 | date of death :
Born on February 11, 1953, Midland, Texas, politician, Leaving the governorship in 2007 after eight years in office, Bush will be remembered for his work on the state's education system, his efforts to protect the environment, and his achievements in improving the state's economy.

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Florida governor and politician Jeb Bush was born on February 11, 1953, in Midland, Texas.

Father's name: George H.W. Bush
Mother's name: Barbara Bush
Brother: Marvin Bush, Neil Bush, George W. Bush
Sister: Robin Bush, Doro Bush
Spouse: Columba Bush
Children: George P. Bush, Noelle Bush, John Ellis Bush, Jr.

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Personal Information:

Religion: Roman Catholic
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight

Life events:

John "Jeb" Bush was elected governor of Florida in 1998 and served two terms before stepping down in 2007. He is the son of former president George Bush and the brother of former president George W. Bush. A Texas native, Jeb Bush moved to Florida in 1981 and joined the Codina Group, a real estate development company. He became Secretary of Commerce under governor Bob Martinez in 1987 and was the Republican nominee for governor in 1994, losing to incumbent Lawton Chiles. In 1998 he ran again and won, becoming governor of Florida at the same time his brother George W. was governor of Texas. In the presidential elections of 2000 the race between George W. and Democrat Al Gore was so close that the entire national election depended on the results of disputed vote counts in Florida. Jeb Bush officially recused himself from decisions affecting the vote counts, though some Democrats charged that he and his staff still attempted to swing the outcome in favor of his brother. (The case eventually went to the U.S. Supreme Court, whose 5-4 decision decided the election in favor of George W. Bush.) Jeb Bush was re-elected in 2002, defeating Democrat Bill McBride (who had upset former Attorney General Janet Reno in the Democratic primary elections). Bush did not run for re-election in 2006; another Republican, Charlie Crist, was elected to succeed him. Jeb Bush met his wife, Columba, while teaching English in Leon, Guanajato, Mexico in 1971. (Columba was born in Leon in 1954.) The two were were married on 23 February 1974, shortly after Bush graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Latin American Affairs. They have three children: George (known as George P., born 1976), Noelle (b. 1977) and John (known as Jebby, b. 1983)... Jeb Bush's children have had a few well-publicized scrapes with the law: in 2002 Noelle was arrested for prescription drug fraud, and in 2005 Jebby was arrested for public intoxication... The nickname "Jeb" is taken from the initials for John Ellis Bush


High School: Phillips Academy Andover
University: BA Latin American Studies, University of Texas (1974)

Occupation and Career:

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush is a politician. Bush left Texas and moved to Florida in the early 1980s to work as a real estate developer and broker. In 1987 and 1988, he held his first government post, serving as Florida's secretary of commerce. Bush made his first run for public office as the Republican candidate for the state's governorship in 1994. He lost the election by a small margin to Governor Lawton Chiles. Bush, however, was victorious on his second try in 1998.As governor, Bush found himself in the midst of the 2000 election controversy. The fate of the election rested on the results of Florida, which had some problems with its ballots. With his brother as one of the candidates, Bush declined to participate in any of the decisions related to the election to avoid the appearance of impropriety. Two years later, Bush won his bid for re-election. Shortly before the election his daughter Noelle was arrested for drug possession. Earlier that year, she had been arrested for prescription drug fraud and sentenced to go into a drug rehabilitation program. Bush said that he loved his daughter unconditionally, but he did not want her to receive special treatment. She was sentenced to serve 10 days in jail. Noelle stood by her father's side when he was sworn in for his second term in January 2003.In 2006, Florida law prohibited Bush from running for a third straight term. Leaving the governorship in 2007 after eight years in office, Bush will be remembered for his work on the state's education system, his efforts to protect the environment, and his achievements in improving the state's economy.


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There's a fine line between stubbornness and the positive side of that, which is dogged determination.
But without a caring society, without each citizen voluntarily accepting the weight of responsibility, government is destined to grow even larger, taking more of your money, burrowing deeper into your lives.
It's been painful to see the people that you love be attacked when you know it's not fair or true.
I never felt comfortable with making political decisions based on whether, you know, it was the right thing to do in terms of a poll.
If you could bring to me a majority of people to say that we're going to have $10 of spending cuts for $1 of revenue enhancement, put me in, coach.
Apparently there are some Democratic leaders in the Senate that are running for office who now believe in tax cuts.
I don't believe you outsource your convictions and principles to people.
I don't know if I'm a national education figure.
I was blessed to have a mother and father that recognized the value of education.
I will support the Republican nominee.
I have never wavered from my intention to advance the cause of diversity in new and more effective ways.
Great countries need to secure their border for national security purposes, for economic purposes and for rule of law purposes.