Hazrat Lot

Hazrat Lot

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Born 3422 years after Hazrat Adam, Prophet, He was commanded by God to go to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah to preach to his people on monotheism and to stop them from their lustful and violent acts.

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Lot was born 3422 years after Hazrat Adam.

Father's name: Aaron
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Lut lived at the same time as Ibrahim. The Old Testament says that Lut was Ibrahim's (Abraham) nephew and that they travelled some distance together in Ibrahim's long journeys. A group of angels visited Abraham as guests and gave him glad tidings of a son "endowed with wisdom"; they told him that they had been sent by God to the "guilty people" of Lot to destroy them with "a shower of stones of clay" and deliver Lot and those who believed in him, except his wife saying "she is of those who lag behind". The Quran also draws upon Lot's wife as an "example for the unbelievers" as she was married to a righteous man but cheated him by not believing in his message and was thus condemned to Hell. He was sent as a prophet to the people of Sodom who started the practice of homosexuality for the first time. They were destroyed totally, because they did not obey Hazrat Loot and went on that disgusting deed. Prophet Lut call upon them to leave the customs of committing homosexual acts and lesbians because it is contrary to nature and human conscience and violates the wisdom contained in the creation of mankind into two kinds of men and women. Also give them the advice and encouraged to respect the rights and property of their respective actions in leaving the Robbery, piracy and theft of what they do with each other and especially to visitors who come to Sadum. His people detested him because of his showing them the right way, and wanted to banish both him and the other believers beside him.When his people persisted in their disbelief, Allah sent angels to the Prophet Lut (as) to give him the news of the punishment that He would inflict on them. The angels said to the Prophet Lut and his family to travel out of town not one of them looked back. Prophet Lut out of his house after midnight, with his family consisting of a wife and two daughters Walked quickly toward the exit of town, did not look right or left. Sodom and Gomorrah were subsequently destroyed.Vibrations that precedes a strong earthquake and powerful winds that accompanied fast and sijjil hail that destroyed the city Sadum immediately along with all pemghuninya. So God’s miracles and revealed the verse to be teaching and Wisdom for the servants of His coming.

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Lut was a prophet. He was commanded by God to go to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah to preach to his people on monotheism and to stop them from their lustful and violent acts. Lut was sent as a messenger to one of Ibrahim's neighbouring communities. These people, as the Qur’an tells us, practiced a perversion unknown to the world up to then, namely sodomy. Lut called his people to an obvious truth and warned them explicitly, but his people did not heed any warnings whatsoever and continued to reject Lut and to deny the penalty of which he told them.

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BaniNa'im in Palestine houses the tomb of Lot in the center of the town. The tomb is located within a rectangular mosque with an inner court and minaret. Lot's tomb is first mentioned by catholic scholar Jerome in the 4th century CE. To the southeast of BaniNa'im is a shrine dedicated to Lot, known as Maqam an-NabiYatin ("Shrine of the Truthful Prophet"). Local legend claims Lot prayed at the site and imprints of his feet in a rock there are visible.