Anne-Marie Lizin

Anne-Marie Lizin

date of birth : 05/01/1949 | date of death :
Born on 5 January 1949, Huy, Belgium, politician, She was the first female President of the Belgian Senate (2004-2007).

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Anne-Marie Lizin was born on 5 January 1949 in Huy, Belgium.

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Life events:

Lizin was born in Huy, Belgium. She is active in politics and also she was the first female President of the Belgian Senate (2004–2007). Lizin has released many publications during her time in politics. Lizin has been widely acclaimed for her devotion to tackling human rights issues. She is an efficient memberof the End Human Trafficking Now (EHTN) organization. She also created the organization HOCRINT in 2008. HOCRINT is an international co-ordination network that fights against honor crimes and forced marriages.


Lizin graduated from University of Liège.

Occupations and Career:

Anne-Marie Lizin is a politician. She began her politic career as a member of the city council of Ben-Ahin from 1970 to 1976. In 1977 she served on the city council of Huy. In 1979, Lizin was elected as an elected Member of the European Parliament. Lizin was an alderman for Huy from 1980 to 1982. She was appointed mayor of Huy in 1983 and held this position for 26 years. She was elected to the government in 1988 and for eight years she served in office. In March 2009 she was forced to resign because of a series of scandals. She was succeeded by Micheline Toussaint. Liain became President of the Commission for External Relations and Defence of the Belgian Senate in 2003 andiIn2004; she was appointed President of the Senate of Belgium, before finally becoming Senator in July 2007.



  • Women of Europe and the Third World, what solidarity? (1983)
  • Social Democracy Tomorrow (1990)
  • Kosovo Independence Inevitable (1997)
  • Hobbies and personal interests:
  • She is interested in women rights and eradicates human trafficking.